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Get Lost

As a modern home goods company built on sustainability, equity, and beauty; we're on a mission to reimagine our relationship to daily living through accessible rituals grounded in simple virtues. We create home goods and lifestyle objects imbued with the essence of art, joy and reflection to promote a more considered existence. 

It is hard to be present in the moment, to stumble into that transcendent state of being where you just are. Instead your brain flits between doomsday headlines and the latest workplace gossip. You get caught up on that thing you did…or didn’t do; because you care. You are a speck of life borne from an infinitely expanding universe with an intrinsic connection to it all. We all feel it. It is awesome, and it is a lot; but it takes time to process. We all generally want to be good people, live well and maybe make this world a better place while we’re here. And yet our days scroll by at fiber optic speed and it is always easier to put off a moment of reflection till tomorrow. But you know what? Sometimes this cosmic voyage we are on gets a bit rocky and we must remember that existence itself is no small feat.

It takes time, dare we say practice, to unpack our connections to this thing we call life and understand ourselves and each other. Throughout history people gazed at their navel and contemplated what it all means. But staring at your bellybutton (be it innie or outie) will probably bore you after some time. That’s why we built In Practice, to remind us of the potential of this very moment we are in right…now. We want to make tools that ground you and encourage stillness and intention. Things that inspire sniffing of flowers and philosophical musings over the pour of a nice cuppa. Because we believe there is great beauty in these everyday moments. So lets get lost and see what we can find - together.


Our Values

Nature is our favorite collaborator. We have a responsibility to make products that are lasting and respectful of what the Earth provides freely while following the lead of those most affected by climate change.

Progress cannot march forward blindly. We participate in collective efforts to redistribute resources, amplify marginalized voices and imagine a more inclusive and equitable world.  

Beauty goes beyond material, it is a discovered purpose. We craft tools to help channel our intentions to do better by each other and our planet. That's beautiful.