As a modern home goods company built on sustainability, community and beauty we're on a mission to reimagine our relationship to daily living through accessible rituals grounded in simple virtues. We create considered objects that connect us to why we are really on this Earth - to live well together.

Our Values


Progress cannot march forward blindly. We have a responsibility to make products that are lasting and respectful of what the Earth provides freely while following the lead of those most affected by climate change. 


Sharing makes everything else better. We participate in collective efforts to build healthy, inclusive and equitable community. Investing in ethical labor means the people who work with us have the time, energy and resources to find joy in their daily lives too.


Beauty goes beyond material. It is a discovered purpose. We craft tools to help channel our intentions to do better by each other and our planet. That's beautiful.

Practice Makes Progress
Work in Practice

In Practice is comprised of Joanna Gallacinao, Sean Eustice, and Grant Phillips. We operate our small business from a cozy home in Portland, OR on unceded Chinook Land. Prior to founding In Practice, we ran a boutique design agency called OK Studio, where we crafted distinct identities for local businesses and makers. 

While helping to launch businesses was incredibly fulfilling, our long-term aspiration was always to have a more direct impact on the daily lives of people. In 2020 we wrote a manifesto and put our values into practice by setting out to build a mission driven business of our own. We started In Practice to help people live in the present while preserving our generation’s future.